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This foundational branding package includes logo design, colour palette, typography, style guide, and stationery (e.g., business cards, letterhead, and email). It sets the tone for the brand, ensuring your new business starts on the right foot with everything you need to make a memorable first impression.


At Thought Collective, we believe in helping businesses achieve success from day one. Our Brand Launchpad ensures your brand not only shines in the marketplace, but endures and resonates. Start your journey with a brand that's built to last.

Brand Launchpad

$2,989 + GST

Brand Proposal

A proposal covering all the elements of your new brand. With rationale to explain the creative decisions taken. All options and Logo directions so you can consider our design and branding proposal.

Logo Design

The concept and design of logo directions and concepts with 3 x colour logo options for client consideration, including creative rationale for each.

Brand Identity Elements

A folder of all brand design elements including the approved logo suite in vector, bitmap PDF, PNG, JPG and SVG.

These formats are ready for use in print artwork, website design and build and social media.

Brand Colours

Your brand colour choice, including RGB and HEX colour breakdowns along with colour choice rationale.

Share this information with designers, printers or sign writers to accurately reproduce your brand.

Brand Fonts

Choice of Brand Fonts from Google fonts which are free to download and use in artwork or on your brand website. Along with font choice rationale and typography specifications.

Brand Graphics

Brand graphics infuse your identity with visual impact, making your brand instantly recognisable and memorable amid a sea of competitors. Exported in common file formats PDF, PNG, JPG & SVG.

Brand Style Guide

Your own brand style guide including the rationale for logos, colours, fonts, graphics. A brand style guide ensures visual and tonal consistency across all platforms, enhancing brand recognition and building customer trust.

Stationery Design

Design of branded communications artwork for business cards, letterheads, and email signatures to reinforce your new brand identity to enhance your brands professionalism, and create a cohesive customer experience

Stationery Artwork

Business Card, Letterhead, and email signature templates of the approved design. Supplied as inDesign Template ready for you or your IT guy to implement or your printer to roll out.

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